Tory M. Guajardo #1042406

38, Virginia

Tory M. Guajardo # 1042406

Augusta CC

1821 Estaline Valley Road

Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Email: (link provided)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: Mixed

Release Date: 2024

DOB: 10/2/81

Wants To Connect With: Women (Anyone for networking about my artwork)

Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'6", 150 lbs. athletic build



This is my “message in a bottle” to the world out there, so let me give as much as I can about myself, In the fewest words, that gives you a better picture of who I am.


My name is Tory. Some friends call me Mike, but in here, I go by Snoopy. I’m a busy and active person. I like staying in shape. I’m inherently a curious person, so my interests are wide and vary. I’m an outdoors person and I like both the city life and the peace and quiet of country living. I’d rather plat sports than watch them.


I’m young at heart, still have that twinkle in my eye, but I’m also an old soul. I love movies and music (anything from country to rap, but my favs are R&B jamz. I also like reading when I find the time. I am a self-taught artist and tattoo artist with a few tattoos and piercings myself. All of this is barely scratching the surface…


I was a dumb kid once. I’ve done my time. I’m closing to coming and my time in here is closing.  I have hopes of a possible shot at a pardon, but that is a long shot. So, in the time that remains (4 ½ years), I hope that maybe that special someone will walk into my life…that “person” I never knew was missing in my life comes and discovers me. I believe in true love, romance, chivalry, passion, spontaneity and adventure.


Alone, I am whole, but I hold onto the hope that someone comes along and meets me halfway in all things in life. Whatever comes our way, let’s see what happens. I am looking for someone who patient, kind, and understanding. I believe that with the right person by my side amazing things will happen. We can create something that stands the test of time!


I love laughing and having great conversations. I love the attention of those I love, and their time is precious to me. I’m very loyal. I give as good as I get. I’m honest even when it hurts, and I am willing to give my all to someone who will do the same. And most precious to me in this world is my daughter. She is the one thing that is perfect and beautiful to me in this world. Family is a huge thing for me.


I’m a talker, and there is much more to say, but I would love to hear from you. To contact me, you can write, email, or even have a video visit. Or I can call. Write me at my address, or email me through  video visiting takes downloading the two apps. I am down with any type of correspondence. But, I understand, one step at a time, right? I look forward to connecting with you. Until then…