Thomas Xavier Stone # 1515814

27, Virginia

Thomas Xavier Stone #1515814

Augusta CC

1821 Estaline Valley Road

Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Email: (link provided)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: Black

DOB: 27 years old

Release Date: 8/2023

Wants To Connect With: Women with a sense  of humor and clever personality.

Black hair, brown eyes, 5'5" athletic build, ears that make you tend to think "teddy".


How often do you find yourself  convincing others that rivers, ponds, and lakes are bodies of water? What about dispelling the idea that the Salvation Army is the sixth branch of the military? Hell, have you ever tricked a guy into saying he has an intact hymen? 

I'm a firm believer that people are an experience. and those I've recently experienced are clearly stupid, I'm optimistic that I was just building up to someone who knew Lake Michigan isn't just some wet hole in the ground.

I want to do something different so you will have the best chance of knowing I'm someone you want to share experiences with. I'm going tot ell you my worst traits and if you can accept them, either because you don't see them as problems or because they can be worked on, then we're guaranteed to enjoy each other's company.

First of all, I'm tall, dark, and handsome. I'm 5'5", but if that is something you can look past, not that that is physically difficult, then we have a chance to build something. 

Next, I'm not cocky, but neither am I entirely humble. I can explain. Yes, I work hard at my passions, food, education, fitness, personal finance and volunteer work, then I've earned the right to confidently express my experience.  However, I do appreciate constructive criticism when I get a little over the top. 

Finally, oh, I don't actually have enough characters left  to explain, but if you have made it this far, then I'm sure you'd be open to talking to me personally to figure it out. Hope to hear from you soon.