Shedrick B. Covert Jr. #1438704, 29, Virginia

Shedrick B. Covert Jr. #1438704

Lawrenceville CC 

1607 Planters Road

Lawrenceville, Virginia 23868

Email: (link provided)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Race/Ethnicity: Black

DOB: 7/13/1990

Wants To Connect With: Anyone for friendship

Release Date: June 2034

6'0", brown eyes, black hair, 160 lbs.


Hello everyone,


I just wanted to reach out and broaden my horizon by meeting interesting people beyond my normal way of socializing. This is my first experience in meeting others through  a pen-pal route, so I am excited and optimistic with the journey.


I’m a little shy here so I won’t give you all of the intricate details of my life until we start talking and get to know one another. I am very open, honest, and descriptive individual. I have nothing to hide. I am very caring, passionate, and compassionate. I have no biases, judgments, or discrimination towards anyone that comes my way. Loyalty, honor, and respect are major characteristics I will always bring to any relationship.


A bit about myself…I’m free-spirited and open-minded. I love to write poetry and journal thoughts, ideas, dreams and anything that comes to mind. I’m very adventurous and active. I have a love for the outdoors and have dreams of traveling. I love food and love to experiment with cooking. I’m into art, interior/exterior design and fashion.


I am into activism and want to make the system better and fair. I love all types of music, laughing, and reading.


This is just a little introduction to who I am. There is so much more. I hope to get to some of you out there and hope you don’t mind sharing your story as well. Don’t be a stranger. Hit me up. Let’s get to know one another.