Shawn Bailey # 39491-004
35, Florida
Shawn Bailey # 39491-004
Federal CC- Coleman Medium
PO Box 1032
Coleman, Florida 33521
Email: (link provided)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race/Ethnicity: Bahamian/Cuban
Release Date: 2024
Wants To Connect With: Women
* Non-violent charges
I have long dreads I have been growing for 20 years; 5'8", 190 lbs, ripped up.

Hey, what’s up ladies?


My name is Shawn aka H.B. I am looking for a friend…someone I can vibe with and kick it with. I’m 5’8”. 190 lbs. solid, and ripped to the max.


I’m from Key West, Florida, but was raised in Miami, Florida. I am mixed with Cuban and Bahamian. My hobbies are reading, writing, writing music 25/8 and working-out. I love working-out so much that I have become a personal trainer in here. I am very business minded. All I do all day is think of ways I can achieve my goals. Hopefully, I can meet someone with the same mind-set as me. If not, I’m an excellent coach so it shouldn’t be a problem.


I have a big sense of humor with a lot of knowledge and street smarts. I am very funny when it comes down to it. I am an extraordinary gentleman. I’m in a league of my own. Very soft spoken and humble. I love to cater to the one who is with me and make her feel special like the queen she is. I’m a realist. I don’t pretend nor fake about what I do or what I did in my life. I ain’t perfect. I can admit that I have trust issues due to the fact that I was played by women in my past. If you can show honesty and loyalty, then best believe you are my type and the one for me. I don’t discriminate so all who feel free please contact me. If you’re trying to get to know me and/or trying to be my homie-lover-friend, then I’m only a few sheets of paper and pen away. Get at me and don’t miss out on someone who is sincere. I need an authentic lady…are you here?


If you want to send me pictures so I can put a face to whom I am conversing with then there’s a few good apps/websites you can go to:, and There is also an app called Free Prints as well. I have a texting number as well where you can reach out to me…513-332-9476. Just say who you are and introduce yourself.


Due to the Covid-19, they have us locked down for the time being so writing letters is one of the best ways right now until further notice. Still text me. Please be advised NOT to send cards, no colored envelopes or paper. Everything has to be on plain white. Another thing, please do not waste my time. I am drama free over here. Last but not least, NO DUDES. Women only please. I don’t swing both ways. I love being around a lady. Please be respectful to my wishes. Thanks.


P.S. Check out more pics of me on my FB (Shawn Live FM Feds Bailey) Check out my music on YouTube (H.B the Head Bussa). Follow and support a real one.