Quincy Jones # 1199383
Quincy Jones #1199383
Red Onion State Prison
PO Box 1900
Pound, Virginia 24279
Email: Jpay.com (link provided)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Release Date: 3/3/2024-2028
DOB: 10/10/1977
Race/Ethnicity: African-American
Christian male, brown eyes, salt and pepper hair
Wants To Connect With: Women (preferably white or Latino women)

Hello Free World,


I am Quincy. I am a loving father to a beautiful teenage daughter. I am originally from Maryland. I am a great guy at heart and I am a very creative writer. I made a “ not so good” choice some years ago and that decision delayed my dream of becoming a movie writer. I fell on hard times and I resorted to robbing and stealing to support my 2 month year old daughter at the time. All I ever wanted to do was love my daughter and take care of her.  In the way my parents missed out on loving and taking care of me.


Well, I was charged with taking a watch, wallet, purse, cellphone and $25 in cash. All of these items came up to about $300. I am an African-American guy who was sentenced to 23 years by an all-white jury. All for taking $300 worth of items. Now, I am stuck in prison and my movie-writing career and daughter are out of my life…all behind that. I received an extremely harsh sentence  for such a crime. There are people in prison who have killed and raped people  who have less time than myself. Bu thankfully, United Consultant Services are willing to take my case and fight for my justice. I am trying to raised money for my legal petition and am reaching out to connect to the world to stand behind me. Not for money, but for support in general.  If you would like to support my legal petition then that is your choice but as you can see, I was sentenced unjustly. You can contact me directly through jpay.com to correspond with me via email.


Ever since my loving mother passed away my support went down-hill. So, any support is appreciated.  I am open to correspond with anyone who wishes to connect with me. I am hoping to meet new friends throughout this experience. So, let’s come together. Please help me get back to my life and my daughter. I know things are tough out there for everyone. I can relate because we go through some of the same hardships in here. Write or email me ASAP. I thank you for your time.