What a friend/support means to someone in prison

Prison is obviously a tough environment. The stress can be intense emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. Many incarcerated men and women have lost contact with everyone on the outside. The ones who do have support are the lucky ones.

I has been planning to start up this site for years while I was doing time. Many asked me to do it as well, because many of the sites out there truly don't care. They just post the profile and leave it to chance someone contacts the individual. I wanted to different. I have been where each and every person in prison has been. Yes, my own actions put me there, but did that mean I wasn't worthy to have a friend in my corner?

I can honestly say that I had a strong network in my corner from family to friends.People believed in me, not because I was talking the talk, but I was honestly walking the walk...I still do today.

A true friend can make the difference whether a man or woman comes back to prison. A friend can change the outlook on that person's life.

I was also asked to start up an "Advice Blog" to those who need help or have questions when it comes to writing someone in prison. I am willing to do that. If anyone has a question or just needs someone to chat with about this then please feel free to message me or send me an email. We can go from there. I thank you in advance for taking the time to write or contact anyone on my site. If not here, please do so on another site because you never know how much your support will impact that individual. It helped me in my life, and I pray it helps others.