The Blame Game

Who is Responsible?

I am involved in a lot of social media platforms. I enjoy expressing my views and listening to other’s thoughts as well. One thing I question is all the blame that seems to be going around for every issue that pops up on my screen.

I advocate for prisoners. My experience in the prison system has taught me that MY actions have consequences. Just like your actions hold the same if you choose to do wrong. I served a lengthy sentence based upon my crimes. Yes, I was a nonviolent criminal, but it doesn’t mean my crimes did not affect people.

Yes, there ARE injustices in the world. Yes, there are faulty systems in place where accountability is questioned on a daily basis. Yes, there are officials who should do their jobs. I could go on and on. The examples are endless. Prison conditions are terrible, and yes, I suffered a great deal, but who was to blame for me being in that situation? I was, and am, responsible.

No, I did not like the prison experience, but I placed myself there. No one was to blame, but myself. I had a terrible childhood and yes, it played a role on the decisions I made, but I could have responded differently. Many have gone through the same things I did, yet they chose not to break the law. Many have overcome obstacles in their own lives, yet they never went to prison. Who is to blame for our choices? We are…

We live in an imperfect world. It is sad to see the horrendous things that go one, because they just do not make sense. I was part of the problem. When I committed crimes, I was the enemy of society. I had to go through what I had to go through to become a better person. I hated myself and if I couldn’t love myself then I couldn’t love someone else. It took honesty, internal changes, and action to become the man I am today.

There will always be chaos in the world. We shouldn’t act surprised when we see something on the news. We can talk about the tragedies, but talk is just that…talk. Real change requires ACTION. I commend everyone who stands up for what is right. There is so much love and support for various issues, and I want to be involved in all of it until the day I pass. I just want to be a part of the solution(s). Just some thoughts…