Snap & Send pictures to WWW. Jay-pay .com to Paul D Smith #1207034

I like to say and do corky things "All in fun" in order to rty to stay positive about things I life.I try to laugh as much as I can on a daily, even though I'm located up.I hear about so many funny things that people have put on the internet all over the world,but unfortunately I am in prison at this point of my life and do not have direct access to the internet,other than third party.I would very much like to have a chance at seeing some of that crazy and funny things that people have put out on the internet all over the world....

I'm looking for a few people interested in having fun ,by sending me random pictures? off the internet or even a picture of something that made you laugh while driving,walking working or even eating out.You can send me pictures that don't even make any kind of sense,that its self would be funny..LOL...So will you let me see that laughter through your eyes today??.