Paula Beckingham #1970403
48, Texas
 Paula Gail Beckingham #1970403
1401 State School Road  2-02
Gatesville, Texas 76599
Email: (link provided) Please leave your information when you email because they cannot respond back via email.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race/Ethnicity: White
Release Date: January of 2021
DOB: 4-27-71
Wants To Connect With: Men and women for friendship
Blonde hair, hazel-green eyes
"Dimples For A Diva"

Dimples for A Diva


That’s me…My name is Paula Gail Beckingham. I prefer to be called Gail, but I will answer to whatever as long as it is not a bad word. Lol.


I’m 6’2” and turned 49 on April 27th. People tell me I look 35 most days cause I enjoy taking care of myself, working-out, and eating right. Our beauty only lasts so long. I want to cherish mine.


I love the Lord with all of my soul. I’m a prayer-warrior. People come to me for prayer, positive energy, and good advice.  I love to read and laugh all the time. My humor is infectious. I’m told I inspire people by always trying to do better each day. I’m very kind, big-hearted, and honest to a fault.  I don’t want money. I just need mail and to have a link to the outside world.


My philosophy of life are the choices I’ve made based on fear of success rather than the fear of failure. I’ve often made choices that would sabotage  what I believe I want. This experience has made me look at myself in a whole new outlook. I’ve gotten my Paralegal Degree since I’ve been here. I was a message therapist before coming here. I’m very good at wellness and healing. I’m also an artist, but mostly color abstract oil painting. I love to cook. It’s a passion. I love excitement, family, and traveling. I believe in living life to the fullest. I don’t apologize for being me.


I am looking for someone who can handle me 100 Proof cause I don’t water myself down for anybody. I hope to go where I’m celebrated and not tolerated. Most of my friend have understandably moved on with life leaving letters far and few between.


I would love to learn about real people seeking real friendship to discuss real ideas or places. I am not going to be here much longer. One more year at most. I would love to leave Texas if given the chance. Start over somewhere else.


My hobbies include cooking, art, music, romance reading, and the outdoors in general. I am very out-going and find love and humor in everyone. So, don’t be shy and send me a letter. You will make a lonely girl’s life way better. Or you can Jpay me with your information…




God Bless,


Paula Gail Beckingham 1970403