Paul D. Smith #1207034, 52, Virginia

Paul D. Smith #1207034


Po Box 860

Oakwood, VA 24631

EMAIL: JPAY.COM (Link Provided)

Release Date: 2029

DOB: 52 years old

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Wants To Connect With: Friends (anyone is welcome to contact me. I am searching for positive influences in my life)



 My name is Paul,  but my friends call me Texas Jack. I came to prison back in 2007.It has only been here recently that I have found the need to reach out to the outside world in hopes of finding a few good people to just kick it with for the next nine years of my incarceration. I have joined a few different pen-pal sites in the last two years trying to find people out there that has value in the words that they speak, but most all of the people that wrote me off those other pen pal site were more interested in playing hi school head games, and I don't have time for such things as

games. You know?


I was told that Prison Social Network had a good reputation and would be my best bet at finding some good people to correspond with.

In all my other profiles, I talked about me, my past, my present and a little of my hopes and dreams as most everyone does in their profiles


I  would like to keep things 100% with everyone, because without that you can’t build up any kind of meaningful friendship. So, I thought I would take a different approach when it comes to writing my profile this time and maybe I can find the type of person that knows just how important each and every sunrise and sunset is out there as well as they are for me in here.


So in this profile it’s going to be short and sweet, because I do not want to try to summarizes me ,my life or who I am into a little 300 word profile in order for you to know what kind of person I am, because I cannot fit me or my life into a little profile for real, that's 100.


I do understand how important it is to know who your talking to, and I can respect that completely, so if you have the time and are really would like to get to know me then feel free to write me and ask my anything you want, and I will personally answer any questions you may have.


With saying that, I hope I have made a good impression on you, and you are able to have an idea of who I am and what kind of person I would like to hear from. So, until then my friends, I will just be sitting here, on the tailgate of the old pickup truck, with a cooler full of ice- cold beer waiting for a few good people to kick it with.