Frederick Hazel

#1177670, 43, VA

Frederick Hazel # #1177670

Coffeewood Correctional Center

PO BOX 500

Mitchells, Virginia 22729




Race: African-American

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

DOB: 2/21/76

Wants to Connect With: Women (Friends)


Time, plus pleasure has given me this opportunity to reach out to the world hoping to meet and build new friendships. Hopefully, we can nurture a bond from "Hello", and it inspires you to check me out with the purpose of building good personal ties and social interaction. I possess too much to offer. I'm charismatic. I enjoy reading, and love channeling my energy everyday into becoming better. I am health conscientious and I provide depth to my character. I am not afraid to venture out into uncharted areas. My blessing is in my spirit. Although there are 7 wonders of the world, I would consider myself the 8th with an irresistible smile. 

I'm seeking to build chemistry with time invested exchanging opportunities to make something meaningful. So, if you are interested in bonding, sharing openly, and putting time in on a new chapter, let's embrace a new start.

I cordially await your reply. And just remember, friendship is the best currency...