Matt Cosby #1191459
Virginia, 36

Matt Cosby #1191459

Coffeewood CC

PO BOX 500

Mitchells, Virginia 22729

EMAIL: JPAY.COM (link provided)

Race: White

DOB: 7/24/1983

Release Date: 10/2022

Gender: male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Wants to Connect With: Women

About Matt

My name is Matt. I live in Richmond, Virginia, but I’m originally from East Hartford, CT. I am 6’2”, 200 lbs., short, brown hair, blue eyes, single, with no kids.


I have an Associate’s Degree, and when I am released plan on pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree/Culinary Arts Degree. Cooking is one of my passions.


I am very sociable, dependable, loyal, hardworking, and motivated. I am also a fun person to be around.

Before my incarceration, I worked full-time and helped rescue pit bulls.  Since then I have worked to better myself by attending any classes offered that will have a positive influence in my life.


At home, I like gong to the gym, playing basketball, fishing, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. I am also very spontaneous- jump in a car and see where the road takes me.


When I get out, I plan on opening my own business and maybe start a family. I am an open book. You can email me through Jpay if it is easier on you. I am looking for a special woman who will have a positive impact on my life. I am also willing to correspond overseas. I believe I am a good man and I ask that you contact me and find out for yourself. Hope life is treating you well out there.