Markes N. Rodgers # Y28401
Markes N. Rodgers #Y28401
Taylorville Correctional Center
1144 IL-29
Taylorville, IL. 62568
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
DOB: 06/08/1966 (52)
Race/Ethnicity: White
Release Date: 2026
Brown hair, 6'2", hazel eyes
Wants To Connect With: Women (but anyone for friendship)
   I am a father of two children: a son and a daughter. This is my first experience with jail/prison and it is not something I'm proud about. I've let a lot of people down and hurt others in the process. But, I also believe it is possible to see the lights in dark periods of one's life.
My faith in Christ is strong, the love for my children is deep, and I've learned there's much more to life than earning a paycheck and surrounding yourself with pretty, shiny things. I love writing, country music, sports, movies, and reading a good Mitch Albom book.
When I leave this place, I know I will be a better man and father than I was before I came here. Excuses are a dime a dozen. Results is what truly matters...and living my life in the manner that reflects this belief is what I strive to do each and every day. I'm looking for someone/some people to write to, to exchange ideas and talk about this, that and other things. Born and raised in California, college educated.
Please write me when you can. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you when you have the time.