Lorenzo M.R. Latimer Wright #AH1578
44, California
Lorenzo M.R. Latimer Wright #AH1578
California State Prison- Corcoran  3B05 #147
P.O.Box 3466, 4001 King Avenue
Corcoran, California 93212
Email: minutiacorpllc@gmail.com; askamedia@gmail.com
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Bi-Sexual
Race/Ethnicity: African-American
DOB: 44 years old
Release Date: To be determined* (Pending)
Wants To Connect With: Anyone for friendship (Both)
Brown hair (bald), 5'11". light-skinned, athletic and emotionally attached to basketball. boxing, working-out, music, creative arts and life, 3 face tattoos plus more to come. Go Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Clippers.
Attempted Murder: Wrongfully Convicted Of (ask me about my case)



My situation is a LOT like the Brendon Dassey docuseries: “ Making a Murderer” seen on the 2015’s Netflix. To bring public attention to my immediate need for help. I’m typing my life’s cause into a book for mass marketing publishing titled: “ A Father’s #Me Too Story…my letter to Oprah Winfrey.”

The only difference between my wrongful incarceration matter and Mr. Dassey’s is that my children’s lives and mine are PLAGUED with SERIAL child molesters , predatorially working within a “ring”  through my extended family, involving my immediate family and the mothers of my children involving my three kids, since their toddler ages in child pornography and child sex/sex traffickers for the return of crack, meth, and heroin to the various households. This is my public campaign of bringing the wrongful suffrage imposed upon my children and my own life, by the way of the State of California, to a FINAL END. With our correspondence together, I seek persons who can help to build a domain website (Square Space) and a Crowdfunding support page for these humanitarian causes, which the wrongful mistreatment of my children and my own life has brought me to effort “correction” for ALL who have been wrongfully harmed by sexual predators and FALSE drug rehabilitation efforts. Thus then, my correct and rightful release from California State Prison (June 21-24, 2018) and restorative justice for the Mendez Brothers, Roman Polanski, and Corey Feldmen…prayerfully and hopefully…


Future Plans:


I’m currently in the International Christian College and Seminary for an “AA” in Pulpit Ministry and onto Ordained Ministry. GOD has given my future elaborate blessings. Legally wedding couples was my inspiration. Minutia Corporates, LLC is my host of small businesses, comprised with two (2) Non-Profit Organizations I will establish in the U.S. Court of Law to anchor my causes.. I want to also own a “Food 4 Less” grocery store. I want a family tradition of having weddings held at our grocery store(s). I haven’t seen my second born daughter since she was at the age of 6 years old (to be 26). One and half years later, I found child porn images of her on the Internet. I’ve been wrongfully locked up by California ever since I made my first police report leading to stop it. As her father, I would like to give and be there for her wedding and to begin the tradition to her. I also would like to own a Domino’s pizza store in the future.




Bi the way, I’ve publicly been through 3 of the WORST relationships in America with three (3) women I produced lives with. My love is POWERFULLY driven for difference. LOVE is simply my interest. Food and cooking= Love. Movies, cuddling, kissing, etc. are all of interest to me. I’m a Pisces.  I’m game ladies. But the woman of my dreams is sightless. My mind is my maturity; not my age. I’m THE MAN, so if there is marriage. There ain’t no husband and husband. I’m a husband who will have “wedded”. I like you, “boy-boy sexy”, or “boy/girl sexy” in some White, Asian, or Latin people.