We are proud to be linked to these fine organizations. The promote change, encouragement, and awareness on all levels.

Podcast: Life After Prison Daniel has a great podcast and has been through the prison experience. Great podcast and very informative. Check him out on all social media platforms as well.  He also runs a personal training business hit Daniel up on Instagram...life_after_prison_reallife

Prison Talk Online (Thoughts from those imprisoned)

(Poetry from those imprisoned)




Da Real Prison Art: Mass Incarceration Daily

Darealprisonart- Official Website for Prisoner Art Prints

The Cell Block ( great publication)

Jail Mail With A Twist--   Check them out! Real friendly service with a unique concept: 

Instagram: jailmailwithatwist  FB: jailmailwithatwist

Tribulations of a Geto Kid Book by our Death Row Member Ojore

Sign the petition!!! petition is going around and is important to the incarcerated in Nevada. It wants to lower the sentencing structure for NON-VIOLENT offenders ( I was one of them as well in my past and received an enormous sentence). Check out the link and petition today! I thank you for taking the time to do so. Also, go to Free Nevada on Facebook and freenevada2020 on IG for more information. I thank you for your time!