Lauren Rene Woods, #34969-479, MN, 31
Lauren Rene Woods 
FCI Waseca
PO BOX 1731
Waseca, MN 56093, US



DOB/Age: 4/24/88

Release date (approx.)10/01/2028

Hair color: eye color, heightBrown, blue, 5’8”

Gender: Female

Race: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Email Option: Corrlinks  (click on link)



Hello all my daughter Lauren Woods is serving 9 more years of her sentence on felony drug charges in FCI. She has had previous felony charges for burglary, and a weapon charge.


Lauren is 31 years old, divorced and has 2 daughters one of them she had while she was in jail in 2018. She is currently going to school in prison for Horticulture, has a job and is playing softball. She is trying to get into more classes during the week. She likes reading, writing, art,movies and softball.


She has asked me to post her information to see if anyone would like to be a pen pal with her male or female. Lauren is looking for a positive experience from people on the outside to help her through these years.