Joshua Coffelt # 1460845
38, Virginia
Joshua Coffelt # 1460845
Sussex I State Prison
24414 Mussel White Drive
Waverly,VA 23891
Email: (link provided)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race/Ethnicity" Multi-racial
DOB: Feb, 21st, 1991
Release Date: (Estimated) 2054
Wants To Connect With: Women (anyone for friendship)
Brown eyes, black hair, 6'0", fully tattooed.

Will it be one of you reading this that chooses to be different from the masses? Are you truly willing to get to know and understand me for who I am at heart? I strongly urge those willing to research me though because if you are easily persuaded by the label and the mere opinions given by those who know me not, then I am assured your vision will never obtain the ability to even see beyond the tattoos marked upon my flesh.


Despite my current, unfortunate situation, the pure joy of experiencing everyday life was not lost. Meeting the beautiful and creative minds across the world will not only help me gain further knowledge and understanding, but it will also afford me the opportunity to share and spread the gift of understanding that I have to offer.


Honestly, I am tired of being a f**k up and believe with conviction that just changing the way I think and act alone will not be enough, I must also change the type of people I choose to surround myself and associate with.

I finally am comfortable with expressing my passions for Liberal Arts, poetry/music, and now Paralegal Assistance because I can express the power of the pen all the while helping others with their struggles and legal needs. Hopefully, life’s journey brings more encounters of people with positive visions and energy my way. Striving to better myself and those around me is my main goal. I would love to get Trevor Noah to eventually promote my book I am going to publish.


In short, my ambition is to build life-long friendships or associations, coming to understand each individual for who they are, knowing either we will or won’t vibe. We never know what life will present. Until then…