Jeffrey Hoke #A381707
59, Ohio
Jeffrey J. Hoke #A381707
Southeastern Correctional Institution
5900 BIS Road
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Email: (link provided)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race/Ethnicity: White
DOB: 6/18/1961
Release Date (approximately) 3/1/2022 (15 to Life)
Wants To Connect With: Women
Black/gray hair, 6'2", 235, hazel eyes

WM, 6’2”, 235 lbs., open-minded individual who can maintain an intelligent conversation.


My combined interests: all sports, movies that transport you to other places and times. I enjoy music from all genres. Novels that make your heartbeat. I am one who believes common interests are what build an impeccable friendship.


One of the world’s most sought-after secrets is happiness. I realize happiness comes in many forms. Happiness is not a simple thing. It is possible to achieve true happiness. The happiness I seek is knowledge, enlightenment, and true friendship.


My crime is murder. This is why my incarceration exists. These gray walls are not the reason for my sorrow. It is the loss of life I have taken.


Allow these words to inspire a dialogue designed to enhance each other’s lives. I hope to find someone who is not judgmental for I am non-judgmental.


I am good for uplifting conversations, maybe a laugh or two. If you are a woman looking for a true friend no matter who you are, you have one in me.