Jayme (Jamie) Lambdin

 #1114126,NV, 33

Jayme (Jamie) Lambdin #1114126



4370 Smiley Road


N. Las Vegas, NV 89115

EMAIL: Corrlinks ( Please leave your name and info when you send her a message)

Willing to write: Anyone for friendship (men and women)

DOB: 3/5/1986


Release Date: 2022


White Female


No Email* Please contact directly at the address above


Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual




In a world full of flaws, mistakes, and life experiences, I found myself in prison. I am now on a journey of self-discovery any pursuit to happiness. I am optimistic about my time , about my case, and finding the right avenues to my appeals. Yes, I did go to trial and of course I lost, for a financial forgery, “possession of” , and a few other felonies.

I have accepted this time and moving forward with my life. Knowledge is something I seek . Wisdom I am slowly gaining. I truly thrive off of life and love it to the fullest, even if I sometimes feel caged. I enjoy People, conversations and look forward to having long lasting friendships and relationships. Get to know the real Jamie and please help me get through this tough time.