Glynn Wells #178200, Michigan
Glynn Wells #178200
Kinross Correctional Facility
4533 Industrial Park Drive
Kincheloe, MI. 49788-0001
Email: (link provided)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wants To Connect With: Women (anyone for friendship)



Welcome to my profile…how are you doing? I hope this message finds you well. First, thank you for taking a moment to read my ad. Now, if you don’t mind, I will introduce myself to you and tell you about me hoping you will mirror the same.


So, who am I? That’s a good question…I’m a step in the right direction. How about you?

Since being detained, I’ve received my G.E.D., BBB clean up qualifications, culinary arts and food tech, AA, and a change for life. Change is inevitable. Everything happens for a reason, and absolutely nothing happens by chance.


I’m a student of Buddhism and meditate every day. I love reading self-help books. I also study law and I keep myself busy with positive thoughts and aspirations, but at the same time, having a friend to share it with would be awesome.


I love learning, making efforts to evolve, and indulging in beautiful conversations. I’m open-minded. No subjects or thoughts are taboo. However, communication and honesty are significant roles in maintaining productive relationships. Do you agree? You can ask me anything. I have nothing to hide.


I love music as well. It is therapeutic to me. I’m currently awaiting a decision from the WMU Innocent Project and Wayne County CIU to accept me.


Enough about me…if you can find it in your heart to write me, give us the opportunity to  explore how beautiful we are; tell me about you, your likes and dislikes, you will not regret it. So, I encourage you to write to me. Come one, let’s have some fun.


You can email me and if you elect to send me some photos through that venue that would be great. Peace.