Eric Durand  # W88636

39, MA

Eric Durand # W 88636

North Central C.I. - Gardner

P.O. Box 466

Gardner, MA 01440

Email: Corrlinks (link provided)

TEXT ERIC NOW!!!: 617-765-1568

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

DOB: 5/26/1980

Release Date: 2028

Wants To Connect With: Women (anyone for friendship)

5'7", brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build


Whether we end up as friends, more than that, or nothing at all, I only hope that after reading my profile, you and I have the opportunity to get to know one another. You can message my personal message line at 617-765-1568, and I will message you back directly.

This is my first time on any type of site like this and I can only hope to meet a wonderful woman or true friend who is serious and sincere. I am a self-driven individual who is caring, loyal, and respectful to all. I enjoy working out and staying in shape- which means I don't smoke or do drugs. If you are looking for a hardcore criminal, sorry that's not me. Three things in life I want most in life is to own my own business, own a home, and have a beautiful loving family. I have already begun the process of owning my own business as I am a co-owner of a start-up company.


Something that is truly important to me is proving my innocence. and I take that very seriously. I am a true victim of a failed justice system and a wrongful conviction. As of 6 months ago the Massachusetts Innocence Project accepted my case and is completely funding my actual innocence claim. Experts in Illinois and Michigan are flying out to Massachusetts to help with this process which will be filed later this year. 


My future is looking brighter than ever and my hope is to be home sooner than later. Hopefully, what you've read has interested you enough to reach out and at least forge a new friendship.


Again, you can send me a voice message at 617-765-1568 pr write me a letter. Thank you for reading my profile.

Eric Durand  #W88636

P.O. Box 466

Gardner, MA 01440