Edgar Reed # 97557
39, Colorado
Edgar Reed # 97557
Territorial Correctional facility
PO Box 1010
Canon City, Colorado 81215
Email: Please write to Edgar directly. Please remember to send your address info to him.
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Black
DOB: 5-15-1981
Release Date: 2029
Wants To Connect With: Anyone is welcome to contact me
6'3", 205 lbs., bald, brown eyes, muscular build, brown complexion.
* Aggravated Bank Robbery

I love to laugh and have been taking this prison life too serious these last 17 years. I haven’t allowed it to sour my spirit. I am always moving with my head up high and a positive vibe.


I enjoy reading in my free time - John Grishom, Michael Connelly, etc. I love to work-out. It keeps me physically and mentally sane and looking good. I love dogs because they don’t judge you. They love you for loving them.


Since being in prison, I do my best to help by giving advice to the younger guys about paving their own way and not being peer pressured into negativity.


At this point and time (May 2020), I am in for a well-deserved clemency (commutation). My lawyer, District Attorney, and victim are all in agreement with me receiving it which would make me eligible for release immediately. My mind and heart are in the right place and I am ready. I am the man I am today, one, because of my values and most importantly because I have grown into a mature adult. I am goal-driven, and I allow my work to speak for itself.


On a kick back tip, I enjoy listening to music- Country (yeah), R&B, and Rap. Most people looking at me guess me wrong out the gate. There is still a lot for me to learn and get familiar with because of how long I have been incarcerated especially with the new technology that is out there.


I am looking for a friend- someone who is fun, smiles, enjoyable, patient, and loves to talk and write. Anyone is welcome to contact me. I am not judgmental. Anyone who decides to contact me must send an address so I can respond back.