Douglas Daughtery # 1309032,
51. Virginia
Douglas Daughtery # 1309032
Buckingham Correctional Center

P.O. Box 430,

Dillwyn, VA, 23936, US

Email: ( link provided)

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
DOB: 6/21/1969
Release Date: 2030
Race/Ethnicity: White
Wants To Connect With: Women
Hello. My name is Doug Daugherty and I’m excited for the opportunity to introduce myself and get to know you.
I am a healthy, young-at-heart 51 year old trying to remain in the best shape possible with the hope of an early release. I am serving the 11th year of a “potential“ 64 year sentence. I say “potential” because things are changing within the system and with prison reform. Parole may return with the lowering of geriatric parole eligibility to the age of 55 as soon as next year.
I was convicted of two first degree murder charges in the death of two of the three men who trespassed onto my property with ill intent. I am past the point of claiming my innocence or arguing my convictions. However, I will say I am responsible for the death of the two men and I did so in self defense. I am an open book willing to discuss any aspect of my charges/circumstances.
However, I would rather do so in later conversations rather than in my introduction. The past ten years have been lonely to say the least. I am close with my 22 year old twin sons, my sister, brother, nieces and nephews. Family is very important to me. My family is very supportive and I couldn’t imagine going through these circumstances without them.
What I have missed is having a close, heartfelt connection with someone I can share my experiences with. Someone I instinctively know, or learn through friendship, is genuine and truly special. This type of connection takes time and is hard to come by in prison. The absence of this connection is what makes prison life so tough.
I consider myself a good listener and a humble romantic at heart. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working out, riding motorcycles, traveling, a day on the beach or river, or simply relaxing at home in good company. I can be quiet at times, easy going, giving, very passionate, and most important, honest.
My incarceration has postponed most of my hobbies but I vowed from the beginning that I wouldn’t allow the Department of Corrections to change who I am as a man. This has taken acceptance, swallowing pride and turning the other cheek. A long lesson in humility day after day. Although my soul has undoubtedly been tempered, I have been successful in keeping it intact. I am a firm believer that there is so much more to life than what I see behind these prison walls.
I remain hopeful and eager to face life’s new challenges upon release. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you.
Until then,