Devin Mergenthaler #1201286, 35, VA

Devin Mergenthaler #1201286

Lawerenceville CC

1607 Planters Rd,

Lawrenceville, VA 23868

EMAIL: JPay (link provided)

White Male

DOB: 9/28/83 (35 years old)

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Seeking: Men or Women for friendship

Release Date: 2033 max




I am a single male, never been married and do not have any children. I am currently serving a sentence from a robbery conviction that stemmed from a previous drug addiction. Even though I do have several years left, I do not let the time do me. I stay active from the time I wake, til the time my head hits the pillow. I enjoy an open and adventurous lifestyle, living in the moment and making the most out of each day. I love to explore and seek out new things and learn anything, because one never knows when this lesson or skill can come in handy at a future date. 

I’m open to new possibilities and enjoy a mutual friendship with someone who is open, adventurist, fun, energetic and loves and cares with all of their heart and soul, to those whom become close to them.


I’m passionate about prison reform and social activism work, public speaking, and mentoring individuals whom are looking for a new start and direction to live open and freely. I enjoy seeing people find their true inner self and reaching their full potential. I love people like me who enjoy helping others. I’m big into volunteering and paying it forward. I’m very honest, open, caring, loyal and non-judgmental. I’m open to anyone about everything.


If I sound interesting to you, please feel free to say hello and let's see where this may go!