Deshawn Cabbins

#1458987, Virgina

Deshawn Cabbins #1458987

Wallens Ridge State Prison

PO Box 759

Big Stone Gap, VA 24219

EMAIL: JPAY.COM (link provided)

Gender: Male

Race: African-American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

DOB: 11/28/91

Release Date: 2023

Wants To Connect With: Women


Physical Description: I am a nice looking gentleman, black hair, brown eyes, 5'11", about 240, love to work-out.



As you can tell by my profile, my name is Deshawn. I am 28 years old and from Virginia. I am a down-to-earth person and love good conversations.

I have been locked up for 5 years now and have about 3 left, so I am looking for a friend to connect with and get to know me. When I come home we can link up and go from there. But, yeah, I am a nice looking guy and really don't have much time left. I've got big plans and want to be successful once I am released.  I am looking forward to putting my plans in action.  Hopefully, I can find a friend to share and grow these plans with.

I'm into working-out and writing music--just learning and elevating my mind.  I am locked up for selling a little drugs, but I've learned from my mistakes and paid for them. I'm trying to put all of the negativity behind me...

But, I'm a cool person just looking for a cool female to talk to and get to know more. I'm a good family-oriented person and I have good family support behind me. I just really need a cool, down-to-earth female to get to know. 

Well, I'm looking forward to meeting you. Thanks for checking out my profile. I can be reached at  by adding my state and state number and we will be able to email. Or, you can contact me at the address above directly.