Demeteilus Green # 322577
44. Michigan
Demeteilus Green # 322577
Lakeland CF
141 First Street
Coldwater, Michigan 49036
Email: (link provided)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
DOB: 9/5/1975
Race/Ethnicity: Black
Release Date: 2031 to Life
Black wavy hair, hazel eyes, 5'11"
An Innocent Man Fighting For His Freedom!

I am reaching out to everyone "SCREAMING FOR HELP" praying that someone will answer my call. I am falsely convicted of a crime that I DID NOT commit. The prosecutor in this case withheld SEVERAL pieces of exculpatory evidence. Mr. Maurice Morton egregious prosecutorial misconducts seriously affected the Fairness, Integrity and Public reputation of the judicial proceedings. The Constitutional Violations resulted in the conviction of an innocent man. The new evidence casts fundamental doubt on the accuracy and the reliability of the proceedings to such an extent that it undermines the entire prosecution.

I obtained newly discovered evidence after hiring a private investigator Scott Lewis. After Mr. Lewis talked to the medical examiner Dr. Hlavaty informed him that: "the prosecutor "NEVER" turned the forensic report over to the medical examiner". furthermore, "had she seen the report she would have testified that the victim was in fact shot close to contact" (newly discovered evidence). The prosecutor intentional withheld the laboratory Analysis. Then maliciously presented false testimony from Dr. Hlavaty that it was not close range shooting. The Defense Counsel Trial Notice PROVES that the prosecutor knowingly withheld the lab report and committed fraud on the court (see attachment Defense Trial Notice).
The medical examiner tested a naked body and NEVER should have made the postmortem report without reviewing the forensic report of the victim clothing. It violated the Responsibilities and Duties of a medical examiner. Now she is at fought for testifying to misleading expert testimony. (P.I. Scott Lewis made an affidavit as to what the medical examiner Dr. Hlavaty told him)
P.I. Scott Lewis obtained an Affidavit from the Forensic Technician (Hayden Duggan) as to the victim being shot close to contact. The Technician is willing to testify whenever he is needed. (he NEVER testified at trial).
20 years later it is now crystal clear that the victim was shot from close to contact and the jury was mislead by false testimony. yet, Mr. Greene's family have found it all but possible to get the courts to free an innocent man or at the very least give him a new trial. for more info log onto Facebook: "Demeteilus Greene Chuck, Actualinnocentprisoners or contact me by jpay or letter: Demeteilus Greene #322577, Lakeland Corr. Facility, 141 first street, Cold water, MI 49036
I am respectfully requesting your help with the following: (what ever God move you to help me with): 10 minutes of your time once a month.
1.) make phone calls
2.) internet search
3.) legal advice
4.) write email/letter
5.) exposure
6.) prayer
7.) a friend
If the Medical Examiner find out years later that their findings and/or testimony at trial was incomplete/false. should they be obligated to correct their expert testimony and/or redo their postmortem report?
Corruption at it's Highest

The prosecutor engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation. The prosecutor was VERY active in obtaining an conviction of an innocent man.
A prosecutor that withholds evidence on demand of an accused which, if made available, would tend to exculpate him... Casts the prosecutor in the role of an architect of a proceeding that does not comport with standards of justice
These things worked to Mr. Greene actual and substantial disadvantage infecting his entire trial with errors of Constitutional dimensions.

1.) The prosecution Never turned the forensic report over to the medical examiner.
2.) He waited until the middle of closing arguments before turning over the forensic report to trial counsel. "claiming that he just found it". Which is a lie and I can prove it. I found a Defense Counsel Trial Notice in my file that the prosecutor was suppose to give to my attorney. (see attachment)
3.) He refused to turn over more then 30 witness statements. giving trial counsel nothing but their names. the judge stated: "I was surprised to see that the statements are bare of info. to assist you. but since he just provided you with the addresses. we can move forward.
4.) The prosecutor withheld what believe to be the victim statement telling who shot him, before he died.
5.) The prosecutor waited a week before trial before turning over the CCH of the prosecution witnesses. (they had warrants and were made promises to lie at trial)
6.) A fragment was retrieved from the victim back, yet it was never revealed what kind of gun he was shot with?
7.) After the forensic report was admitted as an exhibit. The prosecutor told the jury that the forensic report was not relevant when he stated:
8.) When trial counsel read the forensic report and saw their was evidence that the victim was in fact shot close to contact. He went to my family and told them to give him 5,000 more and he will get me out "RIGHT NOW". My grandmother checked him and told Mr. Luther that she didn't have no extra money for him. Mr. Luther went back into the courtroom and stated: "I don't know what the objection would be in short of bringing in the forensic report in as an exhibit". (Basically Mr. Greene LIFE was throw away for 5,000)
9.) The police suggestively & illegally showed a single picture of Mr. Greene at the crime scene telling people that they have a picture of the shooter. (see Harold Outley witness statement and TT pg. 123). This is how Mr. Greene became the prime suspect. Mr. Greene was "NEVER" put in a line-up and the police did not show NO ONE a picture at the police station.

The Cruelest lies are the ones told in secret. (as they are intended to win by all costs). log onto Facebook for more info "Demeteilus Greene Chuck".
I am asking you to write or call Kym Worthy and request that she take a serious look at Mr. Greene's case. THIS HAPPEN ON KYM WORTHY WATCH, SO IT IS ON HER TO RIGHT THIS WRONG. Kym Worthy email address: (