Darien Barlow #1916010


Darien Barlow #1916010

Baskerville  Camp #4

4150 Hayes Mill Rd.

Baskerville, VA. 23915


Email: Jpay.com (link provided)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: White

Wants To Connect: Women

Brown eyes, brown hair, 5'4"

Release Date: 7/22

DOB: 10/26/1998



Hello ,


My names Darien & I am 21 years old. I have been a prisoner in Virginia for the last a little over 2 yrs. I really want to meet someone ( a woman ) & a friend who is just a real person deep down inside. Someone who is interesting and is a good person. The people & things around me in prison are so fake , it would be nice to surround myself again with something real. If ever interested in my story & would like to meet. I can be reached through email logging into jpay.com. Also, there is a video visitation app available at Vadoc. gtlvisitme.com, Google play. I believe u must download both apps . Most importantly finding me always use my inmate # 1916010 . Emailing sometimes cause of security can take a full day to receive but usually emails come straight through. I will answer any & all responses, just might take a day . You can send a photo (if you would like) as well along with your email. Take care. Darien Barlow #1916010