Daniel Santana #11A3141, NY, 45

Daniel Santana #11A3141

Green Haven Correctional Facility

PO Box 4000

Stormville, New York 12582-4000

Email: Jpay.com (link provided)

Race: Hispanic

Date of Birth: 8/30/1975

Height: 5’8”

Earliest Release Date: 8/14/2033

Maximum Release Date: Life

Religion: Christian

Would you like letters from both sexes? Women

(This does not refer to sexual orientation)

Education: High School

Occupation before prison: Real Estate

Activities in prison: Mess hall worker, Law Library, Work with a group to help Lifers 

Can you receive and send emails: Yes, via www.JPay.com



I am writing this with a very hopeful heart, in that, I’m looking for a special person out there that would like to have a special friend and get to really know each other. I’m currently serving time for a crime I did not commit, and I am fighting it until I’m released!


Despite being in here, I remain very happy and very positive. I love to laugh, and I have a contagious smile that gives off nothing but good and positive energy, which makes those around me feel good, as well as myself. I am looking for a friend who is sincere, that has a caring and warm heart, and is very secure in herself and her life, that is willing to give me a chance in being great friends and, who knows, that being that way can lead to something very special.

Nothing is impossible – especially not finding love the second time around, if both people are caring and willing to let it have it's chance. To me, love is more important than riches, or anything material in life. (Love is the only real wealth.) I am very outgoing, I like to have fun, and I am happy when those around me are happy.


I like big fast bikes, and among other things – I’m a very adept merengue and salsa dancer! (as well as other types of dancing). I am looking forward to writing that special someone, (you, who’s reading this) and sharing a friendship: I want to be all of myself so you can be all of yourself, and together we can be whole.


You may contact me by going to www.JPay.com, register with my name and number (Daniel Santana #11A3141), and you can send me an email and pictures, I will write back.


Waiting and Hoping