Crandell Ojore McKinnon


Death Row

Full Name: Crandell Ojore McKinnon

Prison #  P-32800

Facility name:    San Quentin State Prison

Facility Address : CSP- S.Q.

 San Quentin , San Quentin , California , 94974, US

DOB/Age : 1967.11.30

Release date: Death Row             

Hair color, eye color, height: black, brown

Gender: Male

Race:  Black

Sexual Orientation: Straight

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About Ojore

                Ojore Mckinnon CSP-SQ #P-32800 San Quentin, CA 94974 USA


Seeking: People Friendship Interest: Freedom, art, poetry, photography, cats, horses, birds and other people's culture.


Hello from death row, My interests: a human connection that blossoms into friendship. As an Innocent Man on Calif. death row,  I occupy my days being productive and creative as I fight to overcome this Unjust Conviction that has stranded me in darkness, chaos, and the daily maladies that make up death row.


How do I endure? By remaining Life-Affirming, focused and staying positive about the goals, aim and mission I'm striving toward. As I welcome friendship, I also welcome individuals who are willing to contribute to my #freeojorecampaign with the aim of Helping me achieve Life, Justice and Freedom. If you have an interest in Advocating for an Innocent Man striving for not only Life, but actively building to be productive once Free, then contact me personally or through the email:


  If you're interested in my story and willing to share yours, then let's build on that? If you simply wish to #Supportjustice4ojore please purchase my books and the New Social Justice Brand: Maat Brand to spread awareness of the Maat Campaign. To learn more about me, the campaigns and books visit: Thank You for your time and I welcome all positive responses.