Craigen Armstrong #4805708, CA, 39

Craigen Armstrong #4805708

Terminal Annex

PO Box 86164

L.A., CA 90086-0614

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DOB: June 2, 1981

Release Date: Pending Appeal ( * Craigen got off of Death Row in San his story!)

Purpose of Craigen's Profile: Craigen wants his story told: film, TV, etc, He is working on a book and finishing a script.


Born June 2, 1981- Convicted and sentenced to California Death Row on January 20, 2005. I often ask myself where did things go wrong? How did I end up in this tiny single-man cell surrounded by some of the most dangerous men in America? Am I one of them? Do I belong here? Is this it? Second chance?


It’s easy to shift blame. Is The system fair and just? Did I have a choice in the environment I was born in and trauma I experienced? Are those contributing factors? Absolutely. However, my predicament was created by MY choices. Did I lack guidance, proper decision-making, positive role models? Sure, but I still made the choice. The only way to grow in life is to own it. Study the error and never repeat it.

Arrested- October 2, 2001…Arrived at Death Row on January 26, 2005. Conviction overturned August 11th, 2016. Currently I am a certified mental health assistant for the Department of Mental Health at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility awaiting a new trial. So, I get the second chance and it is the result of my choices made by moving forward.


While currently in the process of my sequel, the goal is to share my experience over the last 18 years with the world to show how accountability and choices can change a person and their circumstances despite environment, influences, and obstacles.

It would be left undone to neglect the injustice of the legal system that occurs in courtrooms everyday across America in particular the cause of spending the last 12 t0 18 years on Death Row and the reason for reversal.


I want to share this via film/movie one day. Please collab with me on this transformative educational story that represents millions across this country.

None of this was possible without God…


Craigen Armstrong #4805708

Terminal Annex

Po Box 86164

L.A., CA 90086-0164