Charles Austin #1177919
34, Virginia
Charles Austin #1177919
Augusta CC
1821 Estaline Valley Road
Craigsville, Virginia 24430
Email: (link provided)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
DOB: 34 years old
Release Date: 2027
Wants To Connect With" Women (anyone for friendship)
Hi, my name is Charles. I am from Spotsylvania, Virginia bout 30 miles from Richmond. 
I am on here trying to reach out just to meet and get to know people. I am very spontaneous, love meeting new people, and doing new things. I believe life is too precious not to take advantage of it to its fullest.
I love to travel and see different places of the world. I am a thrill-seeker. I probably spend more time on my motorcycle than in a car. I am athletic. I've played sports my whole life and I stay active daily.
I am preparing to start my own business when this journey is over.
So enough about me..I could go on for days. I want to meet YOU. Take a leap. I am a funny, outgoing guy and I promise you won't regret it.