Brian Bacon

#15A2942  B6376

New York

Brian Bacon #15A2942   B6376

Green Haven CF

PO Box 4000

Stormville. NY 12582-4000


*Email: (link provided)

Sexual orientation: Straight

Release date: 2023

DOB: 6/1/1962

Brian Wants to Connect To: Women




My name is Brian. At the moment, I am serving a 12 flat sentence. My earliest release date is 2023. I will apply for work release program in 2021. I have a job awaiting for me that associates with the "homeless". I also have an A.A. degree in the Liberal Arts. 


I am self-motivated and my own man. I was involved in the music industry, yet, I fell short of my goals upon my arrest.

I am 5'7", 170 lbs., with a light complexion and handsome as hell. I am in good shape and work-out 4 days a week. I love kids, enjoy skiing, horseback riding, and I love to have fun. I am also down-to-earth. I enjoy a good movie. I welcome responsibilities, and I have never lived check-to-check.

I am looking for a woman who is strong and knows what she wants in a man. One who has a good sense of humor and is ready for a challenge. Basically, a woman who likes to have fun and enjoy the finer things in life. 


All nationalities are accepted. Natural beauty  comes in all colors, strength in many forms. When we learn to honor the differences and appreciate the mix, we are in harmony. Let me be the one to tickle your fancy. I will respond to all letters.