Anson Chi  #44588177


Anson Chi #44588177

FCI McKean

P.O. Box 8000

Bradford, PA. 16701-8000


Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: Asian-American

Release Date: 2030

* Anson has a high profile case and I implore all to check out his case and help him.


Wants To Connect With: Anyone for friendship and connections. Anson has an interesting a high profile case. He is looking to meet good people to help him with his cause.


5'9",150lbs. athletic build, former model


Pleasure to meet you; I’m Anson, 5’ 9” tall, 150 lbs, a college graduate, former world traveler, former model, former everything now that I think about it.  I desperately need your help.  (I do NOT want money, I’ll NEVER ask you for money).


Basically, I’m a victim of police brutality with the severe permanent injuries to prove it all.  You don’t have to believe me, just look at the mountains of incontrovertible evidence – torture pictures; tortured confession; medical records of police abuse/misconduct; even news interviews with FOX, ABC, and CBS about the police brutality/torture; etc.  In my high profile case at at Criminal Cause No. 4:12CR155, USDC E.D. Tex., docket entry nos.  176-78 or ROA. 15-40862.833-927.  In short, my police brutality injuries (vein/tissue necrosis from caustic chemicals injected through IV lines at Parkland Hospital on June 20-21, 2012) look totally different and are completely different from the small-circular-shrapnel, blast accident injuries of June 17, 2012, that put me in the hospital in the first place.


Please help me get a medical exam (venous Doppler ultrasound, nuclear medicine advanced imaging, or anything else).  Perhaps you know a doctor, lawyer, visitor, or any other way you can help.  Of course, I’ll do anything – ANYTHING – and everything, just let me know  (I’m not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with it like Seinfield said.)  If you want to live in the United States, that’s fine.  I’m a U.S. Citizen, born and raised in NYC.  I’ve two big-money Federal lawsuits waiting too. 


Check me out on Facebook, etc. and Prison Social Network I’m fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  Yo puedo leer, escribir, y hablar espanol.  Je te parlerai bientot!   (I can read, write and speak Spanish and French.   I’ll talk to you soon.)

(Certified Mail is our best way to converse). 

Thank you kindly indeed, and have a splendiferous day!!!

Anson Chi