Andre Bowers # 11-A-1993,

New York

Andre Bowers # 11-A-1993

Green Haven CF

PO Box 4000

Stormville, NY 12582-4000

Email: (link provided)

Gender: Male

DOB: 11-13-1965

Release Date: 2027-2030

Sexual Orientation: Straight (Married)

Wants To Connect With: Looking for friends but also looking for individuals willing to look at his legal work, etc. Please read below*



My name is Andre. I have a two-fold purpose of this profile...1) T o connect with honest, good-hearted people, who understand Universal principals and who think outside the box and who are optimistic. 

2) I am looking for some legal minds who are willing to look at my legal work (that is expertly done) and see through the civil claim after my case is overturned.


I want to build personal and legal support- a group of real friends. Other than my wife, I have no other friends.

I am from Brooklyn with a West Indian background. I am very honest and out-going. I am kinda crazy in a good way. Normally, I am good with being friends with females. It is rare if I can be friends with males because most deal with ego, pride, and always compete with one another. Unless it is in Chess, I don't want to compete with anyone. I just need good people in my life.

I have two briefs that lawyers can look at. So if you have anymore questions then please feel free to hit me up through (link above) or write me personally.


My AKA is Ninjah

Note from Prison Social Network: Andre got convicted for REPORTING A CRIME! Write him and listen to his story. He needs people in his corner!