Abiyah Hakahan #1141486, 46, VA

Abiyah Hakahan #1141486

Augusta CC

1821 Estaline Valley Road

Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Email: Jpay.com (link provided)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: White

DOB: 12-5-72 (46 years old)

Release Date: Life ( with Parole*)

Wants To Connect With: Women (but anyone for friendship ad networking)





I’m seeking to build a network of friends, and possible future business partners. I am a long-term planner, an eternal optimist, and a forward-thinking, analytical, entrepreneurial spirit with ideas. I have serious plans and goals. . I keep up with the news, the tech and trends as much as possible. I have magazine subscriptions along these lines. Almost three decades of incarceration has not dampened my resilient spirit. I have a strong fortitude.


My primary trade is carpentry, but I wear other hats. I am an educator, certified to teach the premiere, cognitive, behavior-modification program in public or private schools, to those incarcerated, or to employees of an ailing (toxic) corporation. As a horticulturist , I can teach others hot to grow their own food organically. I am IC3 and MOS Certified. Need a database built? Or has your corporation decided to scrap all MS software for a Linux-based system? I can help you. I have a natural affinity for seeing a broken system in a business operation and streamlining it. I possess clerical skills as well.


Does all of this sound “too good to be true”? Try me. My character traits are of a positive, moral nature. My value system dictates that I look for everyone’s value and worth, accentuate the positive, negate the negative, and build others up with positive reinforcement. Altruism is the word.

I am starting over from scratch upon release. Let’s enter a social partnership. If you can assist me, I have so much to offer. You can email me via Jpay.com. I am 1141486. You can write me, but incoming mail rules are stringent. Emailing via Jpay is better (even though I have someone check my email occasionally: AbiyahHakahan627@gmail.com. You have nothing to lose here. Won’t you contact me?